Documents delivered to your EMR by 8:30am, the morning after dictation.

Guaranteed accurate, HIPAA compliant, Totally Secure.

VRG Technologies is a Strategic Partner of iUniversal An established U.S. medical transcription company with offices in major cities nationwide, providing services to the Health Care community, The iUniversal system is available exclusively in the iUniversal system.

The iUniversal System (Automatic File Transfer electronic Retrieval) took a long time in coming to a deserved industry which was suffering from the lack of structure and security in a highly confidential arena. Professional health care providers have long been at the mercy of a cottage industry with little to offer in technology or customer service.

Today's corporate transcription giants, serving some of the largest providers, vend their services through this same unorganized network of unsupervised, work-at-home, part-time typists.

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iUniversal Transcription and iUniversal

Profoundly dedicated to

healthcare management!

Our goal is to provide the center core systems and platforms necessary to convert doctor’s dictation to transcribed documents with:

· The highest level of confidentiality
· The most secure encryption
· The most compliant platform
· The highest level of guaranteed accuracy
· The most supportive technical assistance
· The most immediate turnaround

The Aurora Scientific mission is to develop superior, intuitive, secure, and cost-effective software solutions and services designed for healthcare professionals to improve their patient care and practice productivity.

To build a national platform of unsurpassed production, customer service and technical support.

To expand our system to provide transcription solutions wherever we can be of service.

To lead the industry to a new level of performance, quality, security and delivery of secure, confidential files.

To open our doors and our minds to provide opportunities for those who can broaden our reach.

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iUniversal Standard

iUniversal +

Claims Management

Billing/Coding Assistance

Electronic Charting

Evolving with the times

Information is the foundation of our power

Maintaining the most secure files collection, storage and distribution system is only the start. iUniversal is the only Practice Management System to include a proprietary dictation and transcription module that delivers your documents directly to the patient's EMR.

Technology is the foundation of our strength.

Using the most advanced technology and the most current security procedures, iUniversal maintains a "current technology" status with all system development. If a new application surfaces, which will improve the funtionality of our system, our clients get it, with no additional cost.

Service is the foundation of our success.

24/7 technical support and a team of trained technicians to assist in every detail is the where we started our plan. Personal service is a key to our success. Expect it!

Your growth and success is part of the everyday plan.

The more successful you are and the more streamlined we can make your daily "business" activity, the more gratified we are in our work. The iUniversal team is dedicated to improving your work flow.

  Fees and Payments:

  Enrollment/Installation Fees A moderate set-up fee to construct and configure the iUniversal platform is included in the system enrollment fees.

  Monthly Fees A monthly fee applies only if your transcription is being performed by a third party, and documents are delivered to the iUniversal sysyem.

  Usage Fees Billed monthly at actual use, transcription is charged by the 65 charcter line.


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