About our Company.

Aurora Scientific, Inc. is a science technology company providing B2B and B2C solutions internationally. From small companies to Fortune 500 firms Aurora is developing improvements in the telecommunications, insurance and health care, bioremediation and pharmacologics industries.

Merging our talents and personnel with our strategic partners we pay specific attention to practice management and revenue management for physician practices, clinics, medical centers, surgical centers and hospitals.

Aurora Scientific's founder and president, Richard E. Buckley, MD has extensive experience with the medical profession, software and electronic hardware solutions. In addition to being a prominent physician, Dr. Buckley is also presidnet of the Wayne-Pike County Medical Society and a Delegate to the Pennsylvania Medical Society. The Aurora Scientific Business and Science Advisory Boards consists of medical facility executives, physicians, business executives and technology leaders who understand the need for efficient, up to date, cost effective systems to maintain a profitable professional practice.

Meet our strategic partners.

Professional research.

Built from the bottom up!

The iUiversal Healthcare system was designed with every aspect of your practice in mind. A team of researchers worked with receptionists, billing clerks, nurses, doctors, lab techs, office managers, surgeons, therapists and a wide assortment of advisors to create the most fully featured practice management system available anywhere!

Research continues!

As new technology emerges, the iUiversal Healthcare solution evolves. As new features and functionality are made available, iUiversal Healthcare clients will benefit.

The research necessary to continually improve is always in the works. iUiversal Healthcare clients pay no additioanl fees for version upgrades and system revisions.

We Created the Suite.

The impressive group of systems providers who make up the iUiversal Healthcare Suite of Solutions, are each a leader in their specialty. Aurora Scientific understands that a physician doesn't always have the time to shop around for the best deal. More often than not, the physician makes a quick decision based on surface issues, such as cost and delivery, etc.

Aurora Scientific takes the shopping out of the picture and concentrates on the important solutions to problems that face the front office of the practice, as well as the need for efficiency in the back office. By providing a choice of systems based on the actual needs of our customers, we set ourselves above the competition who are selling their system to whomever will pay their price, regardless if it is the right system for the application.
Dedicated to improving conditions.

Aurora Scientific provides solutions for the professional health care provider whose business revenue is often affected or interrupted by the use of out of date business applications and systems.

To maintain a prosperous practice and keep pace with the many system changes occurring in health care today, Aurora Scientific plays a vital role.

Aurora Scientific provides and services its' iUiversal Healthcare solution throughout the United States.

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